Honest Burgers – gluten free burger and bun!

I now almost prefer a skinny burger – no bun, some extra salad and of course some French fries. You quickly get used to no bread and I think it actually allows you to taste the burger better and you get to eat more French fries! If you eat meat, burgers are a good fail-safe low FODMAP option at many restaurants.

Some burgers do contain bread crumbs, but I find they are of a small enough amount to tolerate happily.

Saying this however, I had heard that Honest Burgers make gluten free buns and for old time’s sake had to try them out.IMG_5390What a treat to eat a burger with my hands! (It’s impossible to eat a skinny burger without a plate and knife and fork. I’m waiting for someone to come up with a gluten free/low FODMAP burger bun option for street food stalls and festivals).

Honest Burgers charge £1 for a gluten free bun, which I feel is fair enough. The beef burgers are cooked medium/pink unless you request otherwise – mine was certainly very rare and pink in the middle, so I would personally ask for it medium/well done next time. Although, I still devoured the whole thing and it was really delicious!IMG_5392The bun was great. Not a brioche bun, more of a bap style. It was crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy inside. Whilst the bread was delicious, it plays only a supporting role – to act as the vehicle for the juicy burger – and it carried off this role to perfection.

Make sure you remember to ask for no onion relish. Onions are fructans – which are poorly absorbed carbohydrates in all people, as we don’t have the ability to break them down in the small intestine. They’re particularly a problem if you have sensitive digestion and I’ve found it very helpful to avoid when possible.IMG_5395The house chips were delicious, crunchy, skin-on and coated in rosemary sea salt…It’s a casual restaurant and they seem to have a fairly quick turn around, so perfect for a bite to eat for lunch or quick dinner on the way home from shopping or before a night out in Soho, Camden or Brixton.

The drinks were good too. I had a home-made cloudy lemonade, which was lightly fizzy. They even have gluten free beer on the menu for those of you out there who miss drinking beer! I don’t actually drink beer, but next time I go, I’ll ensure Rob tries one and gives me his review.IMG_5397Naughtily, I do eat ketchup. Strictly speaking, I shouldn’t – tomato ketchup contains high fructose corn syrup and onion powder, both of which should send off alarm bells for those avoiding FODMAPs! However, I’ve found that I don’t get too much of a reaction as long as I’ve had a clean few days in advance and ensure I don’t eat anything else containing FODMAPs.

If you’ve just started and are at the beginning elimination phase, I suggest you don’t eat ketchup. However the eating plan is different for everyone and it’s all about learning what you can and can’t manage on an individual basis. I can’t imagine chips without ketchup, so it’s something I let myself have little and not often.

Honest Burgers don’t take bookings, but do have a cool call-back system which takes your phone number and texts you to advise when your table is ready. You also get sent a link at which you can check your place in the queue. We were told the table would be 20 mins and it ended up being just under 15 mins and I think well worth the short wait.

Visit Honest Burgers here.

green star(Amber star when you add ketchup!)


3 thoughts on “Honest Burgers – gluten free burger and bun!

  1. The Heinz ketchups I’ve seen in the UK don’t seem to contain High Fructose Corn Syrup – yet they do over in the US. Always check the label but you may be able to enjoy it guilt-free after all!

    • Hi Alex

      Many thanks for pointing that out. I must have been reading a US website when I was looking at Heinz ketchup. I’ve just checked the website and you’re right, they don’t contain any high fructose corn syrup!

      The classis Heinz Tomato Ketchup contains: tomatoes, spirit vinegar, sugar, salt, Spice and Herb extract (which contains celery) and spice. I’m going to tweet Heinz to see if they will give further information about what is in the herb and spice mix. I’ll let you know what I find out.


      • Hi Alex

        Just to let you know that Heinz have confirmed the herb and spice mix in their classic Tomato Ketchup does contain some garlic and onion, so unfortunately it’s not FODMAP free, but hopefully in small amounts most people can manage a bit on special occasions!

        Here’s a recipe I’ve found for FODMAP free home made tomato ketchup, which looks great, but unfortunately doesn’t solve quite the problem when eating out.


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