Rob and FODMAPs

Whilst it can be embarrassing at first, it really is worth explaining about FODMAPs to your close friends and family, especially if they’re going to be eating regular meals with you. Most people won’t mind excluding some FODMAPs from their food, so that you can all eat together. Especially if you tempt them with delicious home-made cooking!

When I met Rob, I had only recently discovered the diet and was on the strict elimination phase. I was feeling great, as the diet has dramatically reduced my symptoms. My stomach no longer gave off loud grumblings and rumblings, which was a huge relief, as they really weren’t conducive to a romantic evening – if you get my drift!

All was well until we started going out for delicious dinners and making meals at home. I managed to get away with saying nothing the first few times – by feigning a small appetite, ordering salads and mumbling something about not eating bread. I was embarrassed to talk about my digestive problems and didn’t want him thinking I was just picky.

I eventually realised I needed to explain what I couldn’t eat, rather than just eating things that caused problems and inevitably would make me feel more uncomfortable. No one wants to discuss the inner workings of their digestive tract with a new boyfriend, so I handed Rob one of my booklets and asked him to read for himself.

Of course, I had nothing to worry about and Rob has been amazing ever since. Rob eats the majority of his meals at home ‘sans-FODMAP’ and he has also come up with some recipes for seriously yummy low FODMAP meals, which I hope to share on the blog.

Below is his low FODMAP Shepherd’s pie, made with sweet potato mash.

IMG_0207Finally, Rob was one of the people who encouraged me to write down my recipes and keep a log of the places we’d been to eat. Even just as a reminder for ourselves.

At first I was unsure, but now I realise it’s a fantastic way to help me, and hopefully some others, discover FODMAP freedom!

I better stop now, otherwise he’s going to get too big for his boots!

The main thing to remember is to share your findings with the people close to you, they really will provide more support than you may realise.

 Rob gets a green star for being so great! 😉

green star




P.S. I’ve now posted the recipe for a version of Rob’s Shepherd’s Pie – check it out here!


3 thoughts on “Rob and FODMAPs

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    • Hi Sally

      Thank you for the comment and likes! You haven’t missed the shepherd’s pie recipe – I wasn’t writing the blog at the time, so didn’t take any pictures or write down the ingredients, however I have been meaning to ask Rob to make the pie again and now I have a great excuse to do so! Please check back in a week or so and I’ll ensure it’s posted for you 🙂


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