Quick breakfast cranachan

As you may know from my post about FODMAP Free Healthy Granola, porridge is the main staple for breakfast throughout the winter months. Plain porridge oats, milk and either a sprinkle of caster sugar or a of splash of maple syrup when I’m feeling extravagant!

However, as the weather gets warmer I’ve been looking for FODMAP friendly breakfast alternatives. One of which is quick breakfast Cranachan. Cranachan is a traditional Scottish dessert, usually made with whipped cream, yoghurt, toasted oats and honey.

This is a variation on the theme…IMG_5444IMG_5458It’s kind of cheating to list this under recipes, as it really is just putting a few things together in a bowl – however, when I started this journey I would have been very pleased for someone to have shared this with me.IMG_5451

So, hold on to your hats people – this is yogurt, plain porridge oats and some berries. Mix all three together and if you have time, leave for a few minutes and you have a lovely, filling, healthy breakfast. Remember to avoid blackberries though, as they’re not FODMAP friendly in the slightest.

I love Rachel’s Organic Yogurt – I mix Low Fat Vanilla with either Raspberry, Strawberry or Rhubarb. Rob is of course free to try the tasty Mango, Cherry and Greek Style Honey, but I won’t complain as mine was pretty tasty itself.IMG_5460

 green star


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