Basic list of high FODMAP foods

I’ve explained a bit about FODMAPs and wanted to go into a bit more detail with a basic list of high FODMAP foods.

Research is still being done into which foods are high in FODMAPs, information and food lists can sometimes be contradictory and differ between countries. This can make it difficult to follow, so it really is best to see a professional who will give you up to date advice. However once you have been introduced to the diet, it’s useful to keep an eye on FODMAP food lists, in case there have been any new discoveries.

The Monash University has a good example list of low and high foods and a booklet you can purchase.  They also publish research update with new findings.

FODMAPs are divided into five groups:

– Fructans

– Galactans

– Polyols

– Fructose

– Lactose


– Some vegetables including cabbage, garlic, leek, onion, Brussel sprouts.

– Wheat (wheat flour, pasta, bread, couscous, bulghur wheat, Rye, barley etc.)


– Beans and pulses including chick peas, broad beans, lentils, kidney beans, baked beans.


– Some stone fruits including peaches, apricots, cherry, nectarine, plum.

– Artificial sweeteners in sugar free products including mints, chewing gum, sugar free drinks and some low calorie diet foods.


– Some fruits, vegetables and fruit juices including mango, pear, apple.

– Honey, agave nectar, fructose based sweeteners.

* Glucose helps the absorption of fructose – so if a food contains equal amounts of fructose and glucose, you should be able to absorb it. Also, not everyone suffers from fructose malabsorption, so ask your doctor or dietician if a fructose breath test is available.


– Milk products from cows, goats and sheep, including cream, custard, ice cream, yoghurt, soft cheese.

* Not everyone suffers from lactose malabsorption, so ask your doctor of dietician if they can book you in for a hydrogen breath test.

Recommended low FODMAP books:

IBS – Free at Last!

The Complete Low FODMAP Diet


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