FODMAP star ratings!

I use coloured star ratings for all recipes and restaurants.

star ratings 2

Green = very low/no FODMAP content

(Please note that some people experience lactose malabsorption – however, green star ratings may include dairy products, as I  am able to tolerate some lactose. There are many ‘lacto free’ and ‘Alpro’ products you can use as substitutes. It’s worth asking your doctor/dietician to book you in for a hydrogen breath test to check your lactose tolerance).

Amber = low/medium FODMAP content

(Amber dishes may contain one or two FODMAP ingredients. Remember the cumulative effect? This comes into play here. Amber is for meals out or weekend special treats. Many restaurants will be amber star rating and learning to manage your amber meals will certainly add much more freedom to your life!).

Red = a bit naughty/fairly high FODMAP content

(Hopefully there won’t be many reds stars on the blog, as that’s really not the point – however I might use them when I start reintroducing more FODMAPs into my diet. Do remember that red stars will be things that cause bad symptoms for me, but you may well be ok with some of them. It is all about trial and error).

More information about high FODMAP foods.



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