Bank Holiday brunch at Balthazar

I love Balthazar.

In 2012 my Mum and I visited Balthazar in New York for a special birthday of hers. It was a wonderful evening. We both had a fantastic time and adored the atmosphere, decor and of course the delicious food and drinks. We chatted to the Maitre D about how much he loved London and were delighted to discover they were opening in Covent Garden.

Since then I’ve visited Balthazar London a couple of times for dinner and drinks – I wasn’t writing the blog at the time, so will just have to go back again. (There seems to be a rather long list of visit-again places being added to the list!).

However, last bank holiday weekend we decided to treat ourselves to brunch. I had glanced at the menu online earlier in the week (keen? me?!) and had my eye firmly on the ‘Omelette aux fines herbes’ with gruyere and mixed salad.

IMG_5677It was absolutely deee-licious!

I’m dislike runny omeletes, so requested mine well done. They seemed more than happy to accommodate my request and in my opinion, it was cooked to perfection.

There was a lovely mix of subtle herbs and the salad had a light, vinegary, lemony dressing, which didn’t overpower the eggs.

IMG_5678In the excitement about my omelette I totally forgot to look for any other FODMAP friendly options or ask the waiter whether they served gluten free bread, which in terms of brunch, will always dramatically increase your options.

So I called the restaurant this week and they confirmed that they do in fact offer gluten free bread, which you can have it with any of the brunch options (i.e. eggs Benedict, Royale, Florentine or as you wish). They also kindly advised that there were other gluten free options on the main menu.

Rob ordered avocado on toast with poached eggs and it looked seriously tasty too. I do occasionally eat a very small portion of avocado – they’re such a versatile, healthy food and are top of my list to try during a proper reintroduction phase.IMG_5680I was practicing my camera skills and couldn’t help myself including this one…

IMG_5683Some prices can be slightly higher than your usual brunch (although that does of course depend what your usual brunch is!), but it’s still fairly reasonable in terms of central London. Balthazar is a lovely place to sit, watch the world and read a paper if you wish and I would wholeheartedly recommend going.

They do get busy, so definitely book ahead if you can.

Visit Balthazar London here

Visit Balthazar New York here

green starGreen star. There are also a few amber options if you’re feeling experimental.


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