Low FODMAP lemon syllabub

This recipe isn’t strictly low FODMAP – as it’s dairy based. However many people on a low FODMAP diet can tolerate some lactose. It’s also worth noting that Greek yogurt is actually quite low in lactose – due to the process of making it, which filters out most of the whey. So you could try adding a higher percentage of Greek yogurt if you’re trying to reintroduce lactose to your diet and only want a bit of cream.

This makes enough for two people, so just double or triple for more servings!

Basic ingredients:

– 150 ml tub of double cream
– 2 tbsp natural Greek yogurt
– 25 g caster sugar
– 25 ml white wine (optional – but subtle and delicious!)
– Juice and zest of half a lemon
– Half a small punnet of raspberries* or any berries you fancy instead

I also suggest adding one of the following in layers or sprinkled on top:

– Toasted almonds
– Your favourite wheat and gluten free biscuits crumbled
FODMAP free granola

Lemon syllabub Whip the cream and sugar until it reaches soft peaks.

Gently stir in the Greek yogurt – it’s really up to you how much or how little you add, but you may be surprised how rich this dessert is and the yogurt helps combat that richness.

Slowly add in the lemon zest and juice – keeping a bit of zest back for sprinkling on the top.

Mix in the white wine, if using. I wasn’t sure about mixing wine with cream at first, but the taste was very gentle (as long as you don’t slosh too much in!) and just delicious.

Lemon syllabubI layered a few raspberries in the glasses and served some extra on the side.

*You may read mixed information about raspberries – but most people seem to confirm they’re low FODMAP and I’ve personally found them to be fine. Just go slowly to start with and see how you get on.

green star(I’ll give this a green star, but obviously be careful with the lactose/dairy content).


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