Gelateria 3Bis

Start of summer in the UK? Yes, please!

Craving some icy cool refreshment? Try Gelateria 3Bis in Borough Market, London Bridge!

DSC00542They make fresh gelato and sorbet every day, in small batches, throughout the day and use all organic milk in their gelato.

They have clear allergy information for all flavours, so you know exactly what you’re eating!Gelateria 3BisGelateria 3BisI’ve been tested negative for lactose intolerance, so gelato is ok – but if you’re unable to tolerate lactose, they always offer a few sorbet flavours, which are dairy free and look stunning. Just make sure you choose a low FODMAP fruit flavour.

Again, it’s about balance – so even though I’m ok with lactose, I still try to eat in moderation, especially when I’ve eating any other FODMAP containing foods on the same day.

They also have some ready made ice cream lollies, which looked fabulous! Dark chocolate is low FODMAP in small doses and I’ve found that I personally don’t have any problems with milk chocolate either.

Gelato comes is served in a cone or tub. Ask for a tub if you’re avoiding wheat and remember to skip the mini wafer too.

Gelateria 3BisGelateria 3BisHere’s to a wonderful summer! Let’s hope we get a good one and the weather stays nice!

Visit Gelateria 3Bis in Borough Market or find out more information here.


2 thoughts on “Gelateria 3Bis

  1. Thank you for your comment Charles! Please do note however that many recipes on this blog will contain nuts and peanuts, as they are allowed on the low FODMAP diet. Hope your sister enjoys her time abroad!

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