Pizza Express – low FODMAP and gluten free

Pizza Express launched their gluten free range a few months ago – which has been accredited by Coeliac UK. They have been offering gluten free pizza bases for a while, but have extended the range considerably.

They even offer Green’s gluten free Pilsner – which Rob has tried and described as similar in taste to a low alcohol beer and nice enough.Gluten Free Pilsner

Olives Pizza ExpressThe gluten free pizza bases are made from a blend of maize starch, modified tapioca starch, rice flour and potato protein, which are all low FODMAP. They are also free from diary, egg, soya, mushrooms and garlic, which is great news for anyone on a low FODMAP diet!

Even the tomato puree and tomato sauce are free from gluten, diary, soya, mushrooms and garlic! So it’s a really safe choice for anyone trying to avoid FODMAPs.

You can find out allergy information for all ingredients and dishes here.Gluten Free Pizza I ordered a Pomodoro Pesto pizza without garlic oil or mozzarella, instead I asked them to add crispy pancetta and goat’s cheese. The oil you can see was just a bit of melted pesto.

The pizza base has a good texture – nice and crisp, but not too biscuity. It’s a bit more chewy than a normal gluten base and I find it quite difficult to cut, so always ask for a pizza slicer. The flavour is quite mild and not too sweet, like many gluten free products.

The staff have good knowledge of allergies and will always check with the manager/chef if you have a question. You can mix and match any pizza toppings to suit your dietary requirements or taste. Their salads are a great low FODMAP option, you just have to swap a few ingredients around. The Risotto contains garlic, but seems good otherwise and the Melanzane Parmigiana appears to be FODMAP free, apart from the cheese on top.

There are a couple of desserts that would be suitable – panna cotta, gelato, sorbet, Caffe Reale and Semi Freddo Reale.Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta

Obviously it’s not going to be an intimate one-off dining experience, but personally I think Pizza Express is a safe, reliable, tasty low FODMAP option, especially whilst you’re on the strict elimination phase, as you really can check exactly what is in every dish. They have restaurants everywhere, so you can rest assured there will pretty much always be somewhere you can eat in every town.

They do great offers and on a Wednesday you can get 241 pizza by using an Orange Wednesday code!

You’ll find Pizza Express restaurants all over the UK – visit the Pizza Express website for further information.

100% a green star!

green star



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