Delicious Gluten Free Bread at Harvey Nichols Cafe and Terrace

Harvey Nichols Cafe and Terrace is a good low FODMAP restaurant in West London and a lovely place to visit after a day’s shopping or for a relaxed weekday lunch or dinner. It’s a fairly casual setting with great service and an outdoor terrace to enjoy when the weather is warm.

There’s also a more formal restaurant, a branch of Burger Lobster, Yo Sushi and Wagamama in the store.

Start the evening with a cocktail or glass of fizz! Keep an eye out for hidden FODMAPs in many cocktails – Prosecco is always a safe choice.

Harvey Nichols Cafe and TerraceTheir gluten free bread is fantastic! The best I’ve had at any restaurant to date.

Served lightly toasted it tastes a bit like focaccia. Apparently it’s a blend of various gluten free flours. It doesn’t look particularly special, but it really was. Three slices all gone…

Unfortunately they don’t sell it at the Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor Foodmarket – but I guess that’s another good excuse to visit again soon.

Harvey Nichols Cafe and Terrace Gluten Free BreadHarvey Nichols Cafe and Terrace (3)There are lots of tasty low FODMAP main course options – including rib eye steak with blue cheese and roasted tomatoes (which I ordered), chicken Caesar salad, oven baked salmon with green beans, chicken or beef burger (without the bun).

The steak was good – clean, classic and FODMAP free. The blue cheese was unnecessary and a bit oily, it would have been nicer served plain. The chips were served skin on and were delicious, as was the rocket and Parmesan side salad.

Harvey Nichols Cafe and Terrace Steak and ChipsMain courses range from about £13.50 for pasta and risotto to £24 for a steak, including chips. The menu seems to change occasionally, I’m assuming it’s dependent upon what’s in season.

The food hall is lovely and definitely worth a visit. It’s especially nice to wander around in the evening when the shop’s quiet.

They stock the most gorgeous treats, including gluten free cakes, macaroons, specialty biscuits, jams, coffee, teas, sweets and fantastic looking fruit and vegetables.

The wine and spirit shop is amazing as well, with some very posh wines and champagnes!

Gluten Free Cakes Harvey NicholsMacaroons Harvey NicholsFood Market Harvey Nichols Fruit Food Market Harvey NicholsWine Shop Harvey NicholsThe breakfast menu looks delicious too – it’s on the list for our next brunch outing. Breakfast is served 8 am – midday Monday to Saturday and 11 am – 8 pm on a Sunday.

green star

 Green star all the way!





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