Low FODMAP Quick Meatballs

If you’re stuck for time and are looking for an easy, filling, FODMAP friendly meal these sausage meatballs are a winner. You could make the same sauce using homemade pork or beef meatballs, but using sausages cuts the cooking time by half.Low FODMAP MeatballsI recommend Marks and Spencers’ sausages, all of which seem to be gluten free and free from artificial colourings or ingredients. If you can recommend any other good low FODMAP sausages please do in the comments section below.Marks and Spencers sausagesSorry the photographs aren’t clearer – to help I’ve highlighted below the key ingredients to watch out for and if you click on the image you should be able to read more clearly.

British Outdoor Bred Pork Sausages – contain some dried onions, so the highest FODMAP content out of the three.

British Premium Pork Sausages – pea starch is the only ingredient which could be considered a problem, but I doubt the small amount in the sausages would cause too many symptoms.

British Outdoor Bred Cumberland Sausages – contain gluten free bread crumbs, which do contain some chickpea flour, but again, it’s likely to be a small enough amount for most people to tolerate.

Ingredients (makes four servings)

– Packet of low FODMAP sausages (six sausages were sufficient)
– Four spring onions chopped, green part only
– 1/2 tsp dried oregano
– Glug of good quality olive oil
– Dash of red wine or a couple of red wine ice cubes (optional)
– Dash of balsamic vinegar
– Two tins of chopped tomatoes
– Small bunch of basil
– Wedge of Parmesan cheese (optional)
– Gluten free pasta, rice or quinoa (I used Tesco’s new Free From Tagliatelle and always under cook by a few mins of the time stated on the packet)

Simply squeeze the sausage meat from the skins and roll, using the palms of your hands, into walnut sized balls. (For an even quicker meal – brown the sausages whole in the oven, slice and chuck into the sauce halfway through cooking).

Brown the meatballs in a frying pan with some olive oil, adding the chopped spring onions when they’re almost done. I made the mistake of first using a normal pot and despite using quite a bit of olive oil the meatballs stuck to the bottom. A non-stick frying pan works much better.

Low FODMAP Meatballs (2)If you have any left over red or white wine that’s not quite fresh enough to drink freeze it in ice cube trays. It works really well for cooking, especially mid-week when you may not want to open a whole bottle.

Add the tomatoes and fill one empty tin with water, to then pour to the sauce. It’ll appear very watery to start with, but simmer on the hob for 15 mins and as it thickens the flavours will deepen. Taste the sauce as it’s thickening and add a dash of balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of salt and pepper as you wish.

These extra few minutes spent cooking are really worthwhile to enrich the flavour, especially when you’re not using garlic or white onion and it gives you time to boil your pasta as well.

sauceServe piping hot, with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and basil leaves. I can’t remember who told me this, but you should never cut basil leaves with a knife, as they’ll brown along the edges. Instead always tear using your hands!

We served ours with a green salad and some left over cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls.Low FODMAP Meatballs 2

green star

Green star!





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    • Hi Claire!

      Sorry for the VERY delayed reply – I’ve had a bit of a break from my blog whilst we’ve been moving house. Thank you for the heads up re the Tesco finest sausages, I’ll try them next time!


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