FODMAP Free Mackerel Salad Nicoise

Salads are a great low FODMAP option, it’s really easy to monitor what goes in them and they’re quick and simple, so great for a weekday dinner.

If you’re eating salad a few times a week, sometimes it’s worth spending a few extra minutes to make it that little bit more special.

This mackerel salad Nicoise is one of those salads that just seems to be a little bit special – filling, satisfying and rich, with a good mix of protein, fibre and good for you fat.

The ingredients are inexpensive, available at even the smallest metro supermarkets and it’s really easy to make. But something about the oily fish with the soft boiled eggs, balanced against the sharp olives makes it a stand out classic.

FODMAP Free Salad NicoiseSalad ingredients:

Smoked mackerel (I used peppered mackerel, but hot smoked salmon or tinned tuna would work too)
Salad leaves (the crunchier the better to offset the rich ingredients)
Stoneless olives – green or black (black olives are traditional in a Nicoise, but I think green are slightly milder)
Free range, organic eggs (so worth spending those extra pennies on)
New potatoes
Green beans


Glug of good quality extra virgin olive oil (makes up 2 thirds of the dressing)
Wholegrain mustard
Splash of red wine vinegar (makes up 1 third of the dressing)
Twist of fresh black pepper
Pinch of sea salt

The best part is if you work the timings out properly you only need to use one pot, which saves on the washing up!

Boiling times:

1. Cook the potatoes in boiling water for 8 mins – they need about 15 in total, depending on how big they are. If they’re really little, brand new potatoes 11 mins in totaly would probably be plenty of time.

2. Add the eggs to the boiling water for 5 mins  – they need 7 mins in total for large eggs, if you like them slightly soft.

3. Finally add the beans to th boiling water for the last two mins of cooking

After 15 mins the potatoes, egg and beans should be cooked to perfection all at the same time!

Drain the cooked ingredients and let them cool a little whilst you take the shell off the eggs, then add everything to the salad with a final twist of fresh black pepper. Eat quickly, otherwise the hot ingredients will make the lettuce leaves a bit wilted.

Enjoy!FODMAP Free Mackerel Nicoise

Gets a definite green star for a totally FODMAP free, delicious meal!

green star


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