FODMAP Friendly Dinner at Coq d’Argent

My parents came to London for dinner the other evening. We don’t see each other as often as we’d all like – they’re only an hour away from London, but run a busy restaurant themselves (post to follow), so it’s always a nice treat to catch up.

We decided to meet in the City for a change and I chose Coq d’Argent, as they have a wonderful roof terrace and the sun was shining. (Do check out their website for pictures of the terrace.)

The gluten free bread was stunning!!

I couldn’t figure out whether it was fresh or not. It certainly tasted really fresh, light, airy, flavoursome, savoury and just delicious.

Often restaurants serve gluten free bread which has been frozen. I think it’s totally understandable, they can’t make fresh gluten free bread every day, unless they know someone will be ordering it. The bread was slightly warm, which is a bit of a giveaway for it being defrosted – but either way, it tasted fresh and that’s good enough for me.

The waitress obviously spotted how much I was enjoying the bread and kindly brought me a second roll!

(I do have to be careful with the amount of bread I eat, even gluten free bread, – as it tends to clog up the system a bit if you get my drift… so you may wish to tread carefully too.)

Coq d’Argent is a D&D restaurant and I’ve had great gluten free bread at most of their restaurants, so it got me thinking that I should do a post highlighting my top 5 best gluten free bread at restaurants in London.

Fantastic gluten free breadCoq d’Argent offer a set menu with two courses for £26 and three courses for £29. It’s a limited menu taken from the main menu usually with four main course options. There’s usually at least one low FODMAP option in each section of the menu and they are happy to accommodate dietary requirements if something particular needs to be avoided.

I ordered whitebait, which I realised would probably be coated in a light batter. The waiter kindly highlighted this fact to me, but I reassured him that a small amount of gluten would be fine. It’s always nice for them to check though, especially if you have to eat totally gluten free.

Whitebait is a small, salty fish that you eat whole. I prefer mine with just a squeeze of lemon. They’re so moreish and nibbly and I love the fact you can just pop the whole fish in your mouth. They were perfect with a cold, crisp glass of rose. They only have tiny bones, which you don’t even notice.

Fried whitebaitMain course for me was hot smoked salmon, served very rare with a salsa verde. Succulent, rich and deeply smoked, it tasted very meaty in fact.

On the menu it was served with a green lentil salad, but the waiter was happy to swap my lentils for some plain steamed spinach. I’ve learnt over time that it’s best to just ask as confidently as you can and people are usually very happy to accommodate any special dietary requests.Grilled hot smoked salmonGrilled hot smoked salmon with new potatoesRob’s desert was macerated strawberry tart, with whipped cream. This could be a lowish FODMAP option, depending how much wheat you allow yourself.

I went for an old FODMAP friendly classic – creme brulee. Not suitable if you have lactose intolerance, but ok otherwise. It was sooooo creamy, with a gorgeous soft vanilla custard. I eat a lot of creme brulee and this one was up there in the top 5.

Maybe that’s another idea for a post… Hmm eating my way through London to find the best creme brulee… Maybe after the summer, when there’s no longer the requirement to wear a bikini!

Rob's macerated strawberry tartCreme brulee 2Creme bruleeCoq d’Argent is a wonderful place for after work drinks or a special lunch or dinner. The terrace is really lovely in the summer, so ask for a seat outside when you book.

The main menu is quite expensive, but the set menu makes things much more reasonable.

They get a green star for being so helpful and accommodating in terms of allergy/dietary requirements and for the clean, fresh, delicious, low FODMAP food.

green star



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