Welcome and thank you for stopping by. I imagine if you’re reading this, you already have a good idea what FODMAPs are or have heard a bit about them and would like to find out more.

I will start with saying – I’m no dietician or medical expert. However, as someone who has implemented the low FODMAP diet, I hope to be able to share some useful thoughts and discoveries.

As well as cooking at home, I love eating out (particularly in London where I live) and aim to create a valuable resource for those looking to enjoy delicious and interesting low FODMAP food and find the freedom to enjoy life the low FODMAP way!

kitty 1I discovered the low FODMAP diet in 2012, after having struggled for a couple of years with various stomach and digestive problems. Things had reached a point where I was feeling pretty miserable and frustrated, as my symptoms started to impact my life.

I’ve always loved food – and until then, had never had problems with digestion. I ate pretty much everything, had a balanced diet and exercised frequently. I’m not sure what caused my sudden sensitivity.kitty 2

I tried eliminating various foods in an attempt to feel better, but unfortunately nothing seemed to work. I kept a food diary,  but could see no correlation in terms of what was causing problems – for a week I would feel fine and then I would have a terrible couple of days. I would feel lethargic, bloated (something I had never experienced before), embarrassed by various unpleasant symptoms and just plain horrible. I was at a loss of what to try next and feeling increasingly desperate to find an explanation.

I finally saw a very helpful consultant and dietician at the London Bridge Hospital and after various tests was introduced to the low FODMAP diet. At first I didn’t want to accept that my symptoms were diet related – I felt like there was something physiologically wrong and wanted to be given some kind of medicine for a ‘quick fix’. However, within a few weeks of starting the diet my symptoms had almost disappeared and now, after two years of managing my FODMAP intake, I feel better than ever.

I’m still hoping this might just be a phase, but for now I’m excited to share my adventures on the path to discovering ever more FODMAP freedom!

Thanks again for reading.


Find out a bit more about FODMAPs

Useful links:

London Bridge Hospital

King’s College London

Shepherd Works  – Sue Shepherd’s website

The Monash University Low FODMAP diet for IBSKitty





4 thoughts on “About

  1. I am currently following the 8 week fodmap elimination diet. I am 3 weeks in, and alas so far my symptoms are not improved, but blogs like yours are really helpful in making the journey less lonely. Also, there appears to be little on fodmap from a UK perspective. Thank you.

    • Hi Suzie

      Thank you for your message! I’m so glad that you like my blog, thank you 🙂 I know you’re probably more than 3 weeks in and I hope you managed to continue with the diet. I found that I felt results at about 2 – 3 weeks, but also had quite a few set backs when I accidentally ate things I wasn’t meant to. I found that this put me back by quite a few days. I’m guessing that everyone’s different and it takes different amounts of time for people to feel better, but I would say stick with it if you can!

      I hope you’re starting to feel better now and have found some other good recipes!


  2. Hello! Came across your blog as I am living in the UK and just starting the FODMAP diet. Great blog by the way! Now on my regular reading list! I seem to have a very similar story to yours, symptoms arriving suddenly about two years ago and since then constant bloating and digestive problems. Just wondering have you stayed on the strict FODMAP diet or did you re-introduce some foods? And how long did it take for symptoms to disappear. x

    • Hi there! Sorry for the delayed reply and thank you for your comments 🙂 I’m sorry to hear that you’re suffering from similar symptoms. To be honest I have stayed on a fairly strict low FODMAP diet for the past couple of years, however this isn’t something that dieticians recommend, as you are meant to start re-introducing FODMAP foods. Re-introducing FODMAPs into my diet is high on my to-do list and I will certainly write about how I get on. One thing that I have to say is that you can eat pretty well low FODMAP and I still eat out and enjoy ‘naughty’ foods every now and again. FODMAPs have a cumulative effect on the body, so some people can get away with eating a few here and there, as long as you’re eating clean the rest of the time. Thank you for reading and please do let me know if you have any other questions and I’d be happy to try and help. Kitty.

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